A Trail of Breadcrumbs…


Each of us, individually, asks the question: What is my purpose? What is my meaning?

But today the thought struck me: What is this generation’s deep purpose?

So today’s burning question is:

What is life calling us, collectively, to be?

When I look back, I see that there are certain moments in history when a generation truly pulled together, creating a new pattern in the world…

What new pattern will our generation and those following us create?

Always, there is a chance that a great opportunity will be seized – or will be missed.

I don’t think we will miss our chance. But I do think we need to get cracking!

I’ve found some clues to our collective calling, in the language I hear swirling around me every day.

We still have no idea what these words and concepts really mean. But at least they are glinting in our collective consciousness!

Like Hansel and Gretel’s trail of breadcrumbs, whenever I hear these words I have hope that we will find our way out of this confusing forest, back home again…

people & relationships

(dis)connection & social justice

engagement & collaborative service

trauma & healing

“holistic approaches”

story & storytelling

discovering & listening to new voices

fragility, transition, chaos on the one  hand…

…restoration, integration, unity on the other

simplicity & sustainability

vision & transparency

string, thread, net, veil, web, fabric, tapestry…reality!


2 thoughts on “A Trail of Breadcrumbs…

  1. Hi AE. I am assuming you are a Baha’i and would like to ask you if I may copy and paste these beautiful thoughts to a facebook group called Baha’is Healing Our Racism of which I am the administrator. Well, I could just invite you to be a part of the group, huh? Anyway, this was inspiring and thank you.

  2. Hello WritersDream9, thank you so much for your inquiry and lovely encouragements! I’d be happy for you to re-post my musings on this facebook group. And I’d love to be part of the group as well, if you have a chance to add me. Thank you again for reading, responding, and sharing! Warmly, Andreana (AE)

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