Sovereignty and the Human Heart


Here is today’s burning question:

What is the connection between sovereignty and the human heart?

What if the world is moving toward a place where state sovereignty and global leadership have one requirement: a pure heart?

Can you imagine a question like this being asked at the United Nations?

Can you imagine the impact of such a question in the White House or the Kremlin?

We talk a lot these days about the “transparency” and “accountability” of our leaders and institutions.

We talk a lot about “moral leadership” and “ethical stewardship.”

But why do we so rarely speak, in domestic and international politics, about pure words and heartfelt actions – and their revolutionary effects?

The human heart is a country still undiscovered by much of the world and its sovereigns…

What will happen when a storm hits and their ships of state crash onto its shores?

Actually, I think, a worldwide storm is rocking the boat right now…

Very soon, we’ll all be castaways in the jungles and volcanoes of the human heart.

What new and far-advanced civilizations are buried there?

What inhabitants live there?

Will we kill the natives we meet?

Or greet them as ourselves?

freida kahlo deer






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