Who Am I?

moldova portrait-001

Who is singing? 
I am.
Am I?
I am. 
Are you sure? 
I am. 
How do you know? 
The sound of the wind in the trees
is now my breath, 
which is the sound of the waving ocean, 
which is my own blood 
wounding my ears 
with its own sweet rushing. 
I am. 
I am. 
I am this sweet rushing.  


Hi friends,

I’m a poet, writer, traveler, and community builder.

I want language to be alive and a force for light in our world, whether out in nature, in prisons, workplaces, houses of worship, and in the streets.

Check out some of my essays: The Poets of Hamilton County Jail and She Handed Me the Torch.

Over time, I’ve become an artist who knows the pain of this world, and works for healing.

I give workshops and teach on Justice, the Feminine, and Freeing the Soul.

Peace, Andréana

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