Letters to the Living


Coming to life is conscious work.

I realized this the hard way – after spending quite a few years feeling numb and disconnected from myself and the world around me. All of us go through periods of hurt and hardship. But it’s possible to integrate this pain into a vivid sense of purpose, connection, and healing. In fact, this is the work we are called to do.

This series of essays, reflections, and poems – ‘Letters to the Living’ – is addressed to people who want to know how the ‘big questions’ of our inner life translate into daily actions and engagement with the world.

“Reading this piece was like looking into a still lake and letting the soul delight in its reflection…” – Ann, response to ‘On Gentleness’

These essays were featured on the On Being blog:

Letters to the Living No. 1: Can You See the Infinite?

 Letters to the Living No. 2: How Can I Reach You Over These Distances?

Letters to the Living No. 3: What Book Was I Torn From?

Letters to the Living No. 4: Who Is Your Voice?

Letters to the Living No. 5: On Gentleness, Wrestling with a Wounded Angel

(Photo credit (c) Matthew Roth/Flickr)

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