Women Life Freedom

Friends, these are the voices of our Iranian sisters,

fighting for WOMEN LIFE FREEDOM:

“A voice of freedom comes from our hearts.” –Z

Why should freedom be only a dream for women?” –Z.

We are taking back our space, the power that’s been stolen from us.” –Z.

[Our leaders] are afraid of themselves so they seek to control and limit us.” –Z.

“They are afraid of our beauty, our power.” –Z.

“Every day, the government targets our best and brightest: students, artists, actors, athletes.” –F.

Iran’s children are being arrested and sentenced to death.” –F.

Executions happen daily. Who knows, maybe I will be next?” –F.

“The government is separating us from each other, and from our true selves.” –Z.

“If laws are written, they can be fought. Sick mindsets aren’t written. They are harder to fight against.” –N.

“I’ve taken the university exams hundreds of times. I passed every time. And every time, I was denied entrance.” –F.

“Generations of women are dead on the inside.” –Z.

“Women’s dreams and desires are considered wrong, abnormal, sinful.” –Z.

“My dream is to ride a red vespa, wind in my hair.” –Z.

“I want to build a healing center.” –F.

“I want to hug my son in public.” –Z.

“If the government ‘cuts our hands’ to the world, please don’t forget us.” –Z.

Please be a voice for Women, Life, Freedom.” –Z.

I know these women personally.

They are fighting for us ALL.

To be free and live the lives we desire.

It is time to join hands and hearts.


Me Too, Black Lives, Standing Rock, Water Protectors, Forest Defenders, Highly Sensitive People, Differently Abled People, LGBTQIA+ People, Indigenous Peoples & First Nations, Healers, Mothers & Grandmothers, Youth & Elders, Queer People, Nurturers of All Genders, Medicine Makers, Restorers of Sovereignty, Guardians of Spirit and Sacred Places, Champions for our Missing and Murdered Sisters and Two Spirit Kindred, Singers and Dancers, Language Preservers, Artists, Heart Weavers, Story Kindlers, Fire Keepers, Griots, Poets, Food Growers, Nourishers, Gardeners, Peace Warriors, Justice Forgers, Balance Restorers, Menders of Body-Soul-World, Listeners and Space Creators, Refuge Seekers and Refuge Makers, Beauty Wakers, Dawn Makers, Embodiers of Sacred Truth:


First inside ourselves. Then in ever widening circles.




Scroll Down for POEM & PROPHECY

Sisters, I am with you.

Every moment, every heartbeat,

I am with you:

In Iran and Afghanistan.

In Lebanon, Syria, Palestine.

Ukraine, Russia, China.

Ethiopia, Haiti.

On Standing Rock and Pine Ridge.

In the Sonora Desert.

In inner cities and solitary confinement.

At the borders.

In boats, navigating oceans to freedom–or death.

In homes where abuse rains down, and we shrink down,

just to survive.

In societies where violence is normalized, and we shrink down,

just to survive.

We are done shrinking down.

We are done barely surviving.

We are done murdering parts of ourselves,

mourning our children and “carrying on.”

We are done watching and waiting

for anyone, anyone!

to see, hear

and HEED us.

Sisters, I am with you.

I will help remove

rock hard obstacles in our path:

the denial, the relentless rage.

I will help us remember


We are women, we know the Flow.

We are Keepers of Life and Life Herself will Keep Us Safe,

if we Trust Her.

We know Death too, our Deep Sister who pulls us close.

We weave shadow and light, living-and-dying into

a Robe of Freedom for All,

Kindness for All,

Food and Shelter for All,

Education and Jobs for All,

Beauty and Hope for All,

Joy for All.

Only trauma holds us back. Only trauma

crushes lives and spirits in endless cycles

of pain and shame.

We commit

to ending these cycles

in ourselves.

Brothers, we call on you:

Heal yourselves and Heed us.

We are not your downfall.

We are Salvation.

(With thanks to the artists and photographers of these images. I don’t know your names but give you full credit!!)


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