Three core values and practices inform my work as a writer and educator:

Beloved Justice: Words can change how we see and treat each other. Thoughtful words can impact policy, grow community, and illumine hidden beauty.

Spaciousness: I consciously play with silence and space. White space is an invitation. Readers can “fill in the blanks” with their own memories and musings, creating a shared canvas of visible and invisible truth. I also create public spaces, where people come together, to listen and learn.

Storykindling: I help people and organizations find and ignite their core story. This  spark is then refined, through a collaborative process, into language that touches and motivates others.

Here are some examples of my work:


At heart, I am a poet. Poetry infuses everything I write, from blog articles to novels. Poetry teaches distillation, music, and the mystery of leaving certain things unsaid.


Web and Print Content

I develop custom web content for businesses and NGOs. I also write articles that offer a reflective edge. I tap into the deeper pulse of society, ask questions, and offer my own thoughts based on travel, conversations with diverse people, and a personal search for understanding.


Words + Images

I design professional materials, and have worked with graphic designers to rebrand/reposition organizations. My role is to find the inner meaning we are trying to convey visually – and articulate that message with beauty and power.


Consultation + Co-Creation

Have a story to write? Want your words to shine? I can help. I work closely with amazing people, around the US and the world. We consult with deep listening, kindness and honesty. Then we launch projects, write books, grow friendships, and bring people together for justice and peace.


Engagement Art

With other artists and activists, I create public spaces and programs where people share stories, insights, and positive energy. These spaces include a celebration of world music and dance; a journey into African-American history; a series of workshops for social justice leaders and environmentalists; a memorial for 9/11 on the theme of human oneness….and more.

Leadership Education

I develop and facilitate courses on self-expression and social justice. For example, in 2013-2014, I taught 18 young Roma leaders and students from across Europe. Our aim was to increase access to high-quality education and opportunities for Europe’s largest minority, the Roma.


Women and Youth

I love working with youth, listening to their voices, and helping to hone their craft. My work goes beyond creative writing – we talk about inner struggles, health, family, faith, school, and purpose. It is also a joy and honor to work with women and men who, through their lives and imagination, bring healing and freedom to this world.


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